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  1. SLS

    Thanks for the recipe. These are wonderful!

  2. JAH

    tried this last night, they aren’t bad. My only complaint is mine had a blackbean time I’ll try fewer blackbeans and maybe add some unsweetened applesauce.

  3. admin

    Hello JAH,
    I’m surprised that you had any bean aftertaste. I’ve given these to at least 30 different people and not one of them had any idea there were beans in them! Did you rinse the beans before adding them?

  4. I've been seeing more black bean brownie recipes these days.  Now, I'm really curious.  I will be baking this for next week's family gathering.  Thanks!

  5. admin

    Hi Liza,
    Thanks for visiting the site! Let your family taste the brownies before you reveal the secret ingredient!

  6. Jasper

    Can you use home made black beans instead of canned black beans as a way to reduce sodium content?  I was thinking of making a batch using dried beans cooked with no salt.  Has anyone ever tried that?

  7. admin

    Yes, that would be fine. I use the low sodium canned black beans.

  8. Nicole

    Going to try this recipe! Does anyone have an idea of calorie content compared to regular brownies?

  9. Leslie

    I’m not sure why these would be “healthy” in any respect. Box brownie mix is loaded with refined sugar, corn syrup, and chemical flavorings and additives. The eggs and oil you omitted would be the healthier part of the brownie.

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